Friday, August 30, 2013

Jay-Z | the Holy Grail video

Chopped and screwed. Flipped and bounced. Rearranged and deranged. Jay is not to be out done. The artistry of the video plays out like a ruthless ballet depicting all the spoils of fame and fortune turning into rotted fruit.

Recall The Black Album's The Allure because that was the first episode of this cautionary tale. Kingdom Come's Hollywood would have to be the second installment and Holy Grail is surely the vicious part 3. These songs are Mr. Carter's stories of addiction, masterfully told, from the inside out. And though none of us will ever find the elusive 'Holy Grail', including Jay, we continue to stop at nothing in our poisonous search of it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AVideoMagazine Shop Promo | spring/summer 2013

Admittedly we got a tiny bit too turnt up this night and didn't really plan to shoot a promo for the AVM shop but we crashed a party repping AVM hard and it just all fell into place.

A huge thank you goes out to Aliem Licious for capturing the hilarity of this party. I made sure to include her super talented face in the edit so you GO CHECK HER OUT! Links below!

in situ | Jon Villoch 4 | extra links!

Our 4th installment of art series, In Situ, once again follows artist Jon (Depoh) Villoch. We've peered in his studio, been invited to his gallery show openings in NYC and seen his on sight murals being created. Above is a remix of the time lapse footage Villoch shot himself of a mural he was completing.

in situ | Jon Villoch 3 | extra links!

Our third installment of In Situ gets a glimpse of Jon Villoch working on works on paper in his studio. The video fails to capture the electric brilliance of the etching ink being brushed then pallet knifed onto the paper. We were able to see recently created works as well as watching Villoch work on some pieces live.


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