Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is about DIRT! (style tips for boys and girls)

Save the D&G for fall because summer doesn't give a shit about your 2 grand a week shopping habits. Summer is lazy and slouchy and comfy and light. Summer is impromptu outings, clothes you don't care about, rolling in the grass and making out in the sunshine. I urge you to have a good romp in these months because even though you're bitching about the heat, once the cold starts to snap, you're going to be sorry you stayed in the A/C all summer like a pussy.

There's tons of high end brands that would be perfect for that chic, mid summer, rooftop soiree but, even though dressed down and casual, they're still expensive and you're going to be paranoid all day about spilling something on them. Summer isn't about that. Summer doesn't care about quality and price tags. Summer comes squirting out at you like a partially blocked yellow mustard nozzle and that's precisely when you're going to love your two dollar t shirt from Target the most.

Girls, I can't stress this enough. It's all about the romper. It's way cute and it's sexy while still being demure. Billabong makes a hot one and girls always look cute in it. As a matter of fact, I just got my chick into the black one. You can find them at Billabong stores where available and good ol' Pac Sun at the local mall. But if that gives you too much of a onesie vibe and you know you want to mix things up then go with the 50/50 rule. If it's tight upstairs then let it flow on the bottom and if you have a slouchy v neck up top then squeeze into those skinnies. It makes for a pretty good rule of thumb and saves you from heading to frumpy town. And remember, you having your bikini on underneath your gear means you won't be too mad when your homies throw a water balloon at YOUR FACE! It's been known to happen. Be prepared.

Guys, if you're spending more than like a hundred bucks for your entire summer wardrobe then you're an idiot and this post isn't for you, BUT, if you're looking for the right pieces without having to break bank then here's your check list. I am, of course, assuming you already have jeans. If you don't, umm, who are you?

1. Slouchy V necks. I usually rock a large, I'm assuming most of you wear mediums. Buy a size larger for that breezy, comfy look. Partially tuck so you're not so, umm, hiphop-ish. Don't over think it though, it'll look it. (read: Fruit of the Loom's 5 for $10 pack at Kmart)

2. Dark denim. I will always and forever be against acid wash jeans. I just have something against them. Perhaps childhood trauma in the 80s. I don't know. You don't have to go super tight but stay away from baggy shit. You're a grown man, sinch up your trousers!

3. White, low top sneakers. (read: Adidas Nizza Lo) I only wear Adidas but any sort of low Chucks or Vans will do.

4. ...And if you're brave and feel it's too hot out for full length jeans, I encourage you to burn your cargo shorts. Go get yourself, or make yourself, some simple, above the knee shorts. You're going to think twice about this but trust me, you'll look so much better standing next to the other frumpy losers with their over pocketed, awkwardly leg cutting, wide and unflattering cargo shorts. Plus there's a ballsiness factor that goes with it that makes you stand out. My favorites of the season, if you're you've got money to burn, are Dave's Quality Meats cut and sew collection in NYC or the OriginalFake's spring collection. Make sure you own it or the shorts will end up wearing you.

Girls and boys... keep it light, keep it fun and keep it simple. Keep the accessories interesting and minimal. A little goes a long way in this department. Those of you that LOVE wearing all black like I do, it's time to let it go and step out of your comfort zone. Donning all grey IS the all black of the summer. It has the same effect and actually looks really good when you mix up the tones of grey. Lastly, guys, keep the face and crown trimmed and girls, at the fingers, neon neon neon... especially if you're in all neutrals.

Now get out there and break some hearts!

P.s. When all else fails, go here and just do what they do but find your balance. Style is not about high price tags, it's about how you wear what you have. I'm not a professional, by any means, I just think you should be comfortable. Make sure you feel comfortable and it'll all look great. I'm sure of it.

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