Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shoes... NOT sneakers. Give them a try!

There are times in a man's life where sneakers just don't cut it. There's also times when bulky running shoes can be stuffy eye sores and can kill your entire look. For your leisurely day at the park, why not try an alternative? I know what you're thinking, they look like dad shoes. Trust, my young padawans, these are far from your dad's loafers and will look great when you're sporting those shorts that sit right above the knee I told you to wear. (read: Summer is about dirt.)

There are lace ups and slip ons and loafers and deck shoes. You choose what you like best to dress up your casual summer looks. My personal favorite, which is included in my arsenal, is the deck shoe. It gives off that, "Why yes I did just get off my yacht to have my inland picnic with this fine, young lass" look, even without having the yacht to back it up.

Here's a pretty sick selection of shoes, ranging from dressy to casual or mild mannered to daring. Choose what fits your mood and style but remember that a little fun goes a long way. The more daring ones could punctuate an otherwise very stale and generic look. Plus, girls like it. You want girls to like you right? RIGHT? Peep game and hit the links if you want to see more from the collections.





Now I'm not saying you should do away with sneakers all together. What I'm saying is that bulky kicks might not be what you need on those hot summer days. Sometimes it's nice to be able to kick of your shoes in the grass. these were built for just that! Vans are a no brainer in this category but if you want to step your game up a bit, check out anything put out by Lacoste for the summer. They usually have the only summer sneakers that make me stray from my beloved Adidas.



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