Monday, November 1, 2010

An Electric Motorcycle?!

Don't get it wrong, readers. For however cool I think I may be, the time I spent starring at this gorgeously sleek and futuristic bike imagining myself zipping around the city in my super awesome, no-one-has-this-yet-because-I'm-so-futuristically-cool, bike was staggering. I was salivating reading about this like only a true nerd would. It's just so deliciously tech-y and modern and chic and smart and slim and prettier than you! I want it.

But what exactly is it you ask? Well it's a concept bike by industrial designer Yuji Fujimura that runs on lithium-ion batteries so that it can be used as a battery powered motorbike as well as a traditional pedal powered bicycle. The handle bars and pedals fold into the body of the bike so that they can be parked in tight spaces. Charging the bike's battery also allows you to use the stored energy to power your gadgets while on the move. Hmm, I wonder if I could get them custom painted. #AVideoMagazine

Whenever I come across something like this I envision a future dystopia like something out of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Perhaps we wouldn't even need to own one - we just stack the one we came in on at the end of the row of bikes and when we leave we take the first in the line. I like it. Light, efficient, eco-friendly, community building, sharing is caring, communist, degenerate, America-hating, liberal, future eco hippie scum! Oops, sorry. I got a little carried away. I left the FOX network on in the background as I fell asleep last night. ;) /BURN!

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