Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's getting down to the wire!!!

I'm so glad I got a new computer in time. Editing has become a delight on this machine. All playback in Sony Vegas is super smooth and the render times are ever so fast! Enough nerd talk though, that just puts me at ease that everything will run smooth. Now it's just the waiting game... still need to collect some content from each of my "corries". It's okay though. It's okay. Breathe.

I took last weekend off, sort of, and did a couple things that are good for the soul. I Hung out with friends, had great food and some top notch cocktails at The Clover Club in NYC. Seriously, go there if you're ever here. I also met with the DJ that will be spinning at the launch party to sit in on a private set. Besides that, I promoted the site like a mad man and was VERY surprised that most of the people I talked to (acquaintances of mine) had already heard of it from someone close to me or something. People are talking folks. People. Are. Talking. I've also gotten a little bit of hate mail which always makes me happier than praise. That's not sarcasm, it really does, but that's a whole other story. Here's some of last week's PICTURES!!!
We hung out with painter Cary Pendaz and she shared her art with us for the features section.

Tai Lam, owner of Endalge, came out with me to visit some great men's wear shops in L.E.S and Soho and we'll feature that piece in the style section.

We sat down with the gorgeous Serena Hendrix and talked about the modeling world.

And we did an amazing "getting to know you" video for one of our main style correspondents, Emma J.

Thanks so much to those of you already following this blog and following us on twitter. We notice. We love. We'll hit you back in like a week! ;)
P.s. There's new videos in the comedy and editor section this week. Go and check them out!

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