Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taking a break until next week.

We've been going pretty hard over at AVideoMagazine and I can't thank you all enough. We're closing out our second month this week and it's been an amazing, albeit, very busy few weeks. The more I post, the more I shoot and the more I shoot, the more the schedule gets pushed around so it's an on going process. It's constantly changing and sometimes when a great/spontaneous opportunity for a segment rolls around, well, that means it pushes back other content so I'm constantly trying to find balance and post interviews in a timely fashion. It's pretty intense but that's what keeps me energized about the project; that it's always evolving and that nothing is set in stone. I could be having a nice lunch one minute and then be on assignment the next because someone I've been trying to interview for weeks has just landed in NYC and they have about 2 hours to kill before they leave to another state or something. It's great.

That being said and gotten out of the way. The magazine took a little break this week. Not because I had it planned but because I was away for a week and when I got back I just couldn't get back into the swing just in time so I decided to make a silly video and push the schedule back a week. For now enjoy this weird video of me and I'll see you next week with some brand new content. I love you.

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