Monday, August 30, 2010

The Clover Club, Brooklyn.

Every time I think of this place and the times I've very chicly stumbled out of its gorgeous interior it fills me with joy to know I've been part of one of Brooklyn's hidden gems. The Clover Club is described, through word of mouth, as an artisan bar. It's a place you go to have the drink you never thought existed and your idea of the evening cocktail completely redefined. The master mixologists behind the Clover's liquid treasures use the freshest and most innovative ingredients, like jalapeƱo syrup and sliced pears found in the 'Carrera', to thrill your taste buds and keep you guessing. Keep in mind homies, this isn't the place you go to get hammered with your bros, so act respectable you nerds! This is the kind of place you sit, sip, mingle and be seen. My advice, dress up and accessorize with your chicest blonde, brunette or ginger. This is how we should all be partying, no excuses. For more info and to check out their ever changing menu please visit here.

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