Friday, August 20, 2010

Just when I thought I'd lost all faith in the music industry...

...Cee Lo drops this gem on my face. I've so much respect for him. SO much. He's made it a point, from the beginning of his career, never to compromise his artistic vision even though it meant NOT being able to release an album. The work he did with Gnarls Barkley was incredible! It brought about a whole neo-retro sound that was so undeniably soulful you couldn't help but ACTUALLY grab a girl by the hand and hips and ACTUALLY dance. It also revolutionized the idea of marketing and was one of the fore runners for all the viral campaigns that are so popular now.

So apparently he's dropping an album soon, undetected by our radars, and this is the first taste we get. Fucking brilliant! Cee Lo Green, you have NO idea how much I needed THIS song right now brother. I'll patiently await what else you have in store. The rest of you, please enjoy this true original.

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