Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's in that big ass bag anyway?!? A rant.

A standard issue, all-purpose, gym bag. Easy. Classic. Manly.

Stop wearing purses guys! What's with you?! I really wish I had an alternative for you besides just saying STOP but I don't. I've scoured the web for something innovative or new but I found nothing but purse looking shoulder bags and totes everywhere. Everywhere! Even the cooler sites and brands! I also found an assortment of what looked like baby bags on the market. What are these for?! If they're for baby-having then fine but I don't think that's what they're being sold as. I shouldn't have to remind you but, these daddy-ready baby bags are a no-no unless you have A. a baby and B. like, it's actually with you and you need diapers and bottles and food and eye drops or whatever you and your weird baby do together. Why didn't you just buy a smart messenger bag if you needed something with compartments and pockets, Sweetheart? Riiiiiight.
Nexus VII x Porter vintaged-styled messenger bag.

Guys, stop making a statement with your bags! That's not where we're meant to be making statements. Let your girl/sister/mom/aunt/wife/whoever do that. That's not your job. I'd much rather you made a style statement with your shoes/sneakers, guys. There's much more leeway in footwear and you could look like a mill and a half BUT back to my point... What are you doing carrying all that stuff?! What's IN that big ass purse looking bag anyway? If you're answering to yourself, "my sweater and maybe a camera and my laptop" or whatever, then get a friggin' gym bag like a regular person. Maybe you're put off by the shape of a gym bag. Maybe you think it's not really tech friendly and safe and padded and has a flap, etc. Okay, then why not try a back pack type of situation? If you get a stylish one you'll be able to schlep all of your baggage, literal and existential, without looking like an eighth grader.
Wood Wood Carrara backpack

Okay, so what if you do need to lug a ton of stuff around with you on a daily basis because you got yourself a job as a stuff lugger or something? There's plenty of options for you that don't look like you borrowed your mom's beach tote to go to the cafe and work on your crappy screenplay. I'm all for fashion and encourage fashion forward men but enough is enough. Some of the styles look way too feminine! And you can attack me and say I'm being closed minded and conventional but I'll stand by my ideals for the very good of the future of men's style. I have nothing against a bag slung from the shoulder; Just make sure it looks like it belongs to you and not that your girlfriend is in the changing room and you're holding hers. Keep it simple and let's have a clear distinction between our "day bag" collections; okay boys and girls?! In closing, here's some baller shit...
(Tread carefully with this Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 bag collection. It's top tier, handsome and has some really great everyday pieces but it could slant fem for a lot of the collection. You either need to wear the fuck out of it or you're going to feel like everyone is judging you. Because they probably will. Choose wisely. Anyway, the leathers used for this collection are amazing and they've canvased the entire line with it, from luggage on down to wallets. You know, if you're in the market for some new Louis.)

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