Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Battlehooch Across America!!! (currently in NYC)

Battlehooch needs your help in choosing their next desolate spot in NYC. Do you know of any? Send us your suggestions and their could be some cool merch from us in it for you. The band has been touring across America and shooting one video per city of a live performance in a desolate area. The Desolation Tour is now in NYC and they need help finding a location for their next video. We will most assuredly be on set.

I recently met this band performing on the street and was floored by how cool their music was. They got me to stop within the 15 audible seconds I was passing them on the street. A couple more by chance run-ins later and the guys came by the HQ for an interview that will upload later on. Send us your suggestions by way of comment or email and we'll forward it on to Battlehooch. In the meantime, check out some of their songs below.

They have a few more dates left to play in venues all across NYC so check out for more info.

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