Friday, November 26, 2010

A 'One AT-AT' Kind of Town

Click here to see an amazing digital painting of a classic American landscape with an AT-AT from Star Wars painted in. It's got a very 'one horse town' vibe to it. Some good ol' off the grid living with your trusty AT-AT tied up out back. ANYWAY, the copyright is kind of tight on flickr so I'm not allowed to post it here but it's pretty amazing I promise! Click through! Thanks for playing!

Here's a consolation prize for those of you too lazy too click through to flickr. My crappy representation of the awesomeness at the other end of the link above.

P.s. I tried to make up for the horrible, giant, mechanical dairy cow AT-AT by drawing a super sweet TIE fighter... but I forgot to add the super sweetness. -hangs head- :(

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