Monday, January 31, 2011

This is exactly what I need for my Eames

Fill in the Blank Wallpaper! I'm a huge fan being able to write on walls. I encourage it in my home and love it when others have projects like these going on. Since as far as I can remember i was told not to write/draw on the walls and I've always wanted to. Some of you have been to my place, at one of the magazine's parties, and have probably written on my wall. It's a bit chaotic but it makes for great memories for sure. Now I'm looking for something with the same basic effect but with a hint of refinement(?). Yeah, maybe that. Anyway, in my shopping around I found this and liked it. You should like it with me so that we'll have things to talk about next time we see each other. Okay, cool.

Wallpaper by Ryan Cox

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