Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's play a game while we're away!

#AVideoMagazine is going to be away for a little while but in the meantime why don't we play a little game. Save the image above and put words on it like one of those pictures-with-the-colors-and-words things. THEN send it to us by @ replying me on twitter and we'll do something fun for all of us with them. We'll even send a free t-shirt out to the one person with the best/funniest entry. (Those of you without a twitter account can enter by email. Leave us YOUR email in the comments below and we'll get in contact with you right away.)

We've shut down the site for an itsy bitsy while while we get our bitsy itsys in order. We're completely redesigning the mag to be much more user friendly not only for our viewers but also the people involved with the videos themselves. In the past, we've had trouble with users not being able to find past segments. Also, we're increasingly asked by the people featured in these videos for direct links for their respective press pages. We couldn't provide that before and now we will. BAM!

The site was also a complete dead duck in the mobile world. It's heavy reliance on youtube's flash based playlist player made us unusable in the mobile arena - something we've come to find is of great value to people by the popularity of our itunes podcast version of the mag. The site will now be 100% accessible on any tablet/smartphone allowing us to deliver the branded viewing experience we've always wanted whether on a laptop/desktop or on the go. POW!!

My hopes are that these issues are now a thing of the past with much more progress to come as we learn and grow with you. It's through your feedback that we knew to make these changes for the better and we'll always appreciate that. For now we're redirecting to our blog which will remain active throughout these changes. We'll not only give you the word here when the site has relaunched but we'll also continue with our regularly scheduled posts. ZAP!!!

i love you.

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