Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun With TSA!

Let's face it. We've all been super bored on planes. I'm the type not to sleep the night before just so I can sleep through entire flights BUT! ... The Fun With TSA website has a few tips on how you and the rest of your fly ass crew (get it?) can have a bit of fun in the sky. Though pass the beach ball looked the most fun it also seems it might be the hardest to get away with plus I'm sure some sleepy old dude is gonna get beach ball'd to the face at some point and ruin EVERYTHING. Here are some other options...

Here's the Fun With TSA description of the game above: "This is a particular challenge when passengers are forbidden from accessing any of their carry-on bags, so items being sought should be limited to what can be found in pockets, the back of seats, or even on the floor.  A list will be passed around to all passengers.  Those who are successful in possessing or obtaining the most items from the list will be declared the champion." I love this one.

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