Thursday, March 24, 2011

No giraffes were harmed in the making of these sneakers

Okay, I just got a boner... and I'm pretty sure some of you ladies have lady boners for these sneakers too. The adidas Originals Nizza Hi Lux "Giraffes" are wildly different from all of the collaborations and capsule collections adidas is currently involved in.

The shoe is much more high street than the Star Wars collection yet still not as stiff or preppy as the Ransom or the David Beckham collections. These have a bit of street, a bit of fashion and a whole lotta boner inducing parts and still quite quiet in its execution. It's totally rockable without feeling you have a giant neon sign point at your sneaker that says, "Look at me! I have interesting-er shoes than you!" which is annoying. I want these. /boner.

They're due out in the next coming months. You should be able to find them here once they're out. You know, because you're going to get me a gift. ;)

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