Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Street Art's leading names rush to aid Japan

Shepard Fairey, of OBEY fame, created this limited edition screen print with the proceeds going to relief aid for Japan. It's an edition of 700, signed and numbered, and it releases tomorrow (3/24/2011). $60 bucks well spent if you ask me. You get a great piece of art from one of graffiti's leading names and help those in need in the process.

Artist, Slick, is also putting out a limited edition print and t-shirt with the same design with proceeds going to help Japan. I gotta hand it to these boys. I think it's really great that artists of their reach are essentially donating their work, out of pocket, of which they make a very nice living off of, to help Japan in their time of need. $40 bucks for the print and $30 bucks for the shirt. Not bad, eh?

Here's the link to buy the Shepard Fairey print.
Here's the link to buy the Slick print.

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