Monday, April 4, 2011

USB Cassette to MP3s Converter Thing!

History has been filled with 'gap-bridging' products that try and connect outdated technology with its replacement one. There was the combination VHS/DVD player and the 'two way' which came in an awkward time right after beepers but before texting on cell phones and even netbooks. I'm really. You look left, there's a laptop. You look right, a tablet. Is anyone really going to buy a netbook anymore? How long did that last? Like 2 and a half months I think. Haha.

The USB cassette player, which can convert your old tapes to mp3, takes a very big leap but a necessary one. Converting your CD collection, however time consuming, was totally doable but what about all those tapes?! Gone forever? Not anymore. The website is in Japanese but if you can somehow navigate it, the gadget is only about 30 bucks. It's actually not a bad looking walkman... if you're into that sort of thing. ;)

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