Monday, May 2, 2011

John Stezaker's Postcard Faces

British photo artist John Stezaker spent his days creating these surreal portraits by combining old postcards with photographs. I love the way you can still see the faces even though they're covered by landscapes. The images meld together almost creating more motion in the stillness. That's deep Stezaker... like high-five deep.
What I find most compelling about them is they were made in a pre-photoshop world so there's no trickery to it. My favorite detail, perhaps overlooked, is the decision made to leave the postcards squared up to the photo underneath them. Notice, in each of the pieces there's no tilts nor turns. Essentially this could have happened by chance, two random photographs tossed on a desk, which makes it all the better amirite?! Am I getting too heady about this OOrt? Would you rather I say they were cool and just move on? FINE!

These are cool. Whatevs. *hair flip*

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