Friday, May 13, 2011

A message from the chief...

Though it may seem we've been away for a little bit, quite the opposite is actually happening. I've been busier than ever; the good kind. But we're almost in the clear so don't fret.

Aside from taking a much needed week off and letting myself settle into the gorgeous weather happening in NYC, there's been much going on behind the scenes. There's a lot I can't disclose, some I can hint at and a few I can share with you now. Just know that the next couple of months are pretty big for our little outfit.

Site updates: We've added a contributors page where you can get to know and connect with many of our recent contributors. Show them love! Follow them, friend them, do ALL of those social internet things to them! We've also added a jobs page with a couple of meager little offerings. Much will be added as we grow, of course. Baby steps.

The shop: I'm happy to announce that we're collaborating with a few graphic designers/ t-shirt companies to bring better, more design-y, merch to the shop. The Legalize Nerd brand will be revamped and we'll be carrying a select number of shirts from the companies themselves. Among them are our old friends at Hustle&Sons who we will be collaborating with and carrying some of there shirts. We'll also be launching a capsule collection with/about a fashion blogger we have just recently brought on. Which brings me to...

Partnerships: While the t-shirt companies are part of this bullet point I felt I wanted to single out something in particular. We've recently formed a partnership with a young fashion blogger who will be contributing to the blog as well as running their own blog hosted by us. That's all the detail I can share until we launch their home at the mag. They're anonymous and would like to remain that way so we're working out all of those kinks too.

All of this, as well as the day to day operations of the mag, is what's on my plate. Once all the red tape clear for these deals we'll be back to our regularly scheduled consistency. Bare with me, I'm making and working all these deals by myself. Anyway, I love you. You're all so supportive. It doesn't go unnoticed. Okay... back to work everyone!


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