Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skateboard Shades

I think I've officially stumbled on what I want for my birthday... a pair of shades made out of broken skateboard decks aptly called Skateboard Shades... ALL OF THE SKATEBOARD SHADES! I'll even be all helpful and kind and provide you a direct link to where you can BUY ME ALL OF THE SKATEBOARD SHADES!

Below, check out the boys at Huff rip up the streets of L.A., subsequently crack a deck in half and then visit the mastermind that is Eric Singer at Shwood as he shows you how these amazing shades are made.

As some of you will remember we hold a soft spot in our hearts for skateboarding as a whole but we also have a penchant for looking up creative people doing things with broken skateboard decks. Click here for our last entry on this matter.

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