Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's DEPOE day at AVideoMagazine!

Jon Villoch, an old friend of mine, is also a strong supporter of the mag helping us out at every turn with great content. I've seen Jon go from being a traditional graffiti artist to one of the most thrilling street artists out there.

He holds a bunch of exhibitions and commissions, both legal and not, under his belt making him quite the prolific artist. His studios are surrounded by it and the volume of his work speaks to someone undeniably in love with his craft. His latest works, pictured in his flickr account, shows how his art works on a massive scale as well as the macro when you stop to enjoy the minute details of his work.

I'm proud to say we're launching an ongoing video segment for AVideoMagazine chronicling the creation of some never before seen works. Great work Jon! Holla atcha boy! ;)


  1. Awesome work - the guy is great! Want to see much more and more interviews with this artist.

  2. Smart art . . . love this guy's stuff! More, more, more!!!



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