Monday, July 16, 2012

in situ | Jon Villoch 2 | extra links!

Jon "Depoe" Villoch and I go way back. I've seen him go from a graffiti artist bombing up the streets of Miami to an exhibiting NYC artist with paintings in many prestigious private collections. It's all well deserved. "In Situ" was created for Jon as a way for us to be the fly on the wall while he creates new work. We follow him on location when he's doing a commissioned mural to sitting in his studio while he works on new paintings, etchings and prints. This is the second video in the series, not counting our interview with him a couple of years back, and there's a few more in the works that will be coming out soon. The videos are quiet and mostly about watching Jon work and taking in his process. You can find all our of coverage of Jon Villoch's work by visiting this link:
Jon's twitter:
Jon's flickr:

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