Thursday, March 7, 2013

Justin's Suit & Tie | Playing at the office | 3.7.13

Dear LORD, JT! Did you really have to MURDER everybody?! They say this is Justin's comeback album as if the kid ever fell off. The song is gorgeous and the video is spectacular. Classy on top of classy. Smooth on top of smooth. Sexy as all ever. Jay makes his ice cold yet splashy entrance at 3 minutes flat for those of you who NEED not to miss that part. (Me)

On a personal note and as a test of a songs real ability to live up to the class it conveys... I heard this track in a chandelier laden ballroom at Lombardi's by the Bay, at a wedding, champagne in hand, all my boys in suits, all are dates looking like elegantly wrapped pieces of candy and this song felt so right. What an amazing way to kick off the early summer music stampede to follow. I eagerly await Mirrors, JT's new album, when it drops later this month. I expect him to keep us pretty well covered with hits throughout the summer months. Stand and applaud, the kid KILLED it.

Also... anyone else feel like the video was inspired by the show Magic City? Because we did. ;)

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