Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blain Bigelow | Parkour | AVM Sponsored

Earlier this year AVideoMagazine apparel-sponsored Blain Bigelow. Who is Blain Bigelow exactly? Well, if you haven't watched the video above then I guess we're not friends anymore, I mean, I'll just tell you right now. Blain is a supremely talented traceur. Ok... I get it. You still have questions. What's a traceur? Will you just give me a second to tell you?! Stop rushing me! Just kidding. Someone who trains in the French born discipline of parkour is, in turn, a traceur. There! Happy?! In all seriousness, Mr. Bigelow is WFPF affiliated, a PKOUT team member and now sponsored by us, AVideoMagazine. Above is Blain doing what he so precisely does best wearing some of our gear from the AVM Shop.

The video was produced, directed and edited exclusively for us by filmmaker, Aliem Licious. She is not only a traceur herself but also shoots tons of parkour footage with an amazing cinematic eye.

Please be sure to connect with Aliem Licious online!

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