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AVideoMagazine is a boutique publication comprised solely of video. We deliver all of our content with a bit of wit and humor keeping our segments light while still being informative. We break stories by giving you a first look at some of the best and brightest artists, musicians, designers, models, comedians and personalities. We gravitate towards creative people who are right on the edge of break out success. We cover everything from science and technology to music and pop culture via interviews, style reporting and original content.

*Editor-in-Chief's Office, AVideoMagazine.
billi baracuda was raised in Miami and later perfected in Brooklyn. His interests include corndogs from carnivals, nicknaming the already nicknamed and accumulating sweaters on chairs. Gift ideas include anything having to do with Dunkin Donuts, Sony cameras, or Adidas as he is brand loyal to all three. His current It Girl obsessions are Cara Delevingne, Chloe Norgaard, Rebecca Hart, and Hanna Beth. A Parsons School of Design graduate, his professional experience includes work as a music producer, fashion photographer, graphic designer, video editor and now editor-in-chief of AVideoMagazine.

*Video Edit Bay #1A-0117, Multi-section 'Final Check' Console + Office Reception.
We have contributors from around the globe and encourage contacting us about joining the team. We offer monetary incentives to graphic designers wanting to collaborate by contributing to our Shop. Our blog is the best place to keep up with us on the day to day - we post relevant links for our video segments, behind the scenes material, cool videos/links from around the web and what brands/styles we're into. In short, we're super cool and way fun and the editor in chief is a total babe.

AVideoMagazine est. since 2010.
*Photos are not actually of the real AVideoMagazine HQ for security purposes. Just kidding.


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