Monday, February 22, 2010

Eating like a KING!

The gigantic task I'm undertaking of creating an all video publication has it's perks. I've not only enjoyed more than a few events for free, ushered in as press, but now the really good part starts.

This past weekend I had a friend of mine, who will be one of our food correspondents, come by to cook me a sampler dinner. We talked about his upcoming segments and discussed the details of each while he cooked up one of the traditional dishes of his country as a sort of try out. He was going through what he'd say and how he wants to present his segments while I was feverishly stuffing my face with island goodness. It's good to be the boss.

I'm on to more stylish things for next week as I'm going out again with our newest style correspondent to take a stroll through her neighborhood here in New York. She'll get to introduce herself to you and we'll learn a bit about where she works and plays while visiting some boutiques. 'Till next time!


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