Saturday, February 6, 2010

Michel Gondry @ Strand Books NYC

This footage was shot almost a year ago now and was cut much longer when I was going to included it in my line up of videos last fall but for some reason or another never posted it. I wanted to now be cause I still very much enjoyed what Michel Gondry said about digital effects in film. This was definitely the focus point of his talk as he showed a lot of clips of music videos he'd done in the past and explained a bit about how the effects were done in camera.

The other interesting point he made, that is now on the cutting room floor, was when he spoke about his dislike for website like He mentioned it took away from the shared experience of making something and then inviting your friends over to watch it together. He felt it was cold and impersonal when uploaded and that view counts and ratings were distracting from the point of making that video to begin with. He said it was a hindering experience to create things solely for aggregated numbers and that we should all just be making things to enjoy them, not to promote them. Interesting.

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  1. definitely some truth to his comment on YouTube, o well YouTube is still pretty awesome!:D. Michel Gondry's movies are amazing! so awesome u got to see him!!



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