Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T-Minus 1 Week!!!

I'm flipping out. I totally am. In a good way of course. I have all content ready all the way through Mayish, sorta. And by the end of April I'll be about 3 months ahead of myself. Yay! Ok that's all boring stuff though. Umm... did you hear I might be on L.A. Ink?? They just emailed me yesterday saying they had received it. Fingers crossed.
Hmm, This is not much of a blog is it? I have pictures to show you but I don't have them with me so I'll tell you about my outing with my NY style correspondent Emma J. I met up with her at Balenciaga in Chelsea then we went to go interview the owner of one of NYC leading (true) vintage shops called Vintedge. Everyone from Posh to the Olsen twins shop there. It's a hidden little spot for those in the know... you, my lovelies, get the first ever interview with the owner himself. More on that in a bit when I have the photos ready. There's a style section teaser going up tomorrow... worked my ass off on it and it looks like candy. Can't wait for you gorgeous people to have at it. Good and bad. ;)

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