Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's all coming together...

...and there is an eerie sense of calm that has run over me. Do I... umm... do I actually know what I'm doing? I'm scared to say it but I do think so. These past couple of weeks have taught me a lot about scheduling and dealing with talent and that it's okay to make tough decision and adjustments. If something isn't working out and doesn't really fit in, start figuring a way to either adjust it or change it all together. I may have to do the latter but we'll get into that when the getting into that is needed.

The site itself is also getting a bit of a face lift this weekend. I hope some of you already noticed we've gone widescreen to accommodate all of the juicy HD footage we have rolling in. We'll be adding a header to the site for a brief blurb about what the magazine's mission is. We'll also be moving our ad modules somewhere less intrusive and that little floating bird that a particular magazine reader/contributor really hates (Hi Jess) will be put somewhere where it makes more sense. We're also flirting with the idea of adding a widget so that YOU can submit/upload segments directly from the site but that's a bit further ahead. Let me know what you'd like to see added to the site! Suggestions are always welcome just be sure to use the contact form on the site with the appropriate subject.

For now, I'm happy that all of my sections will update and that I keep adding new faces and new correspondents all the time. It's good to be busy with something you love. It looks good on me. I guess now it's on to the heavy lifting/editing phase of this all as I'm sitting down with the hours upon hours of footage making my hard drives heavier. Did you know that an empty hard drive weighs less than a hard drive with data on it? Those little 1s and 0s actually have weight. Isn't that weird? Digital data actually having some sort of physical mass. Bizarre!

If all goes as planned then there will be 3 videos next week. Something in "features" about the "Kings of NY" break dance battle and something in "comedy" that I'll leave as a surprise and something in "style" flashing back to the adventures we had in NYC during fashion week this year. I hope to see all of you there. Thanks for all the support. That's what keeps me going on those harder days.


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