Monday, August 2, 2010

Are you a nerd but you're STILL getting tail?

Well then, #1, congratulations on beating the odds and getting yourself some much deserved, spectacles wearing, in the back of the library, nerdy chick tail. Welcome to the club. And #2, since the aforementioned is becoming a more common trend, we obviously needed to nerd up our jimmy hats, right? Right.

Designer Ben Marsh mixes gaming nostalgia with what you use when you're kicking exceptionally good game. Get it? Hahaha. No. Trust, if you're geeky enough to buy a set then she definitely already knows about your eccentricities so pull these out with confidence and throw some light heartedness into your getting busy time.

So cuddle up on the couch with your geek chic girlie and prepare for a challenging game of Bone Zone 2. I've beaten it. *high five* Remember always play safe and be nice to each other... unless your partner has specifically instructed you not to in such case you shouldn't because that's what they like so you should respect their wishes but also be sure you're comfortable with those role playing scenarios, you know what I mean? You should tell each other what you like, you know? And not be embarrassed to say "Hey I'm cool with some stuff but you're freaking me out right now. Can you put the car battery down?" ...because I remember this one time, right? I had this leggy blonde in a bathroom in Vegas and we were... you know what? This got a bit too personal for my taste. Just put a condom on before you schlong your betty okay dudes? Okay. ;)

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