Monday, August 2, 2010

Space Invaders couch.

Personally, I'm a strong supporter of any piece of furniture that looks like it's double birding the T.V. all day. This couch has a lot of attitude. Kidding.

Designer Igor Chak made this leather upholstered, memory foam couch in the likeness of a character from the oldskool arcade game, Space Invaders. Super geek but surprisingly super chic as well. You gotta have the right living room for a show piece like this and it's gotta be sitting in front of your consoles. It just has to. I have to say, however silly it may appear, I'm a fan. I think it would look tight in a modern but retro media room focused on gaming but I also think it's a great conversation piece at a party as well. I'm not to keen on the glass tops on the arms of the couch but I guess it works to keep it 8-bit and geometric. Click here for more info and views of the couch.

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