Thursday, December 16, 2010

The FAKE Adidas!! -GASP!-

I feel like I have to say something about these because I talk so much about Adidas but... hmm, I'm way late to the party. You'll see later in the day that it seems to be the trend for the blog today. I kind of like these in theory but I don't in execution. It's just... I don't think Adidas would go this way if they ever did this. Have you seen their limited edition stuff?! So elaborate AND they release their entire line of sneakers. A color way and a site logo on the heel does not a limmy-edish make. I have to pass on these and it makes me feel weird because I love Adidas. Thank god THEY didn't make them. Nice try though designer dude. It's the thought that counts and I'm glad you're stoked on adidas and social networking. Those are two of my favorite things so you're still pretty cool in my book. :)

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