Monday, May 30, 2011

Fight For Your Right, Revisited | Review

So it finally came out. And after much hype from everyone, including myself, I was a bit bored. When I first saw the teaser photo making the rounds I was skeptical but optimistic. When the trailer came out and the cast list was revealed, I thought this was going to be epic. When I watched the full length, of which I will not post, I was disappointed. Now, before I continue let me preface this with divulging I have been a Beatsie Boy fan since I was about 8. If there's anyone who would have taken it easy on them it would have been me. So...

Instead of harnessing the power of that ensemble, what I feel they did was have a bunch of people show up and wing it. The positive being it created a plethora of screen cap moments that were cool solely because of who was on screen rather than why. It leads me to believe that maybe this would have been far more effective as a still project rather than a short film. Call it controversh but I think Adam Green was the only that showed up to work that day.

All in all, it's fun to watch if you want to go cameo hunting because there's loads of them but as a short, meh, it didn't really go anywhere. Wanna know what I think would have been easier to do AND been much cooler as a cameo appearance heavy video? Remake the actual Fight for your Right video and have this cast list be the people at the party. Keep it simple, geez!

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