Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kanye West | Way Too Cold | UNofficial Music Video

Okay #1, I've been jamming this track in my car non-stop. If you could see me bouncing around in the driver seat you'd think some just dropped an ice cube in my shorts. I go hard. No apologies. And #B, someone made this for this track. MADE it. Someone went out on the streets of midtown NYC, cast some swaggy kid and some bettie blonde and MADE THIS. Gotta love that. You have to. I SAID YOU HAVE TO! SIT THERE AND LOVE IT! Woah... sorry... let me compose myself. Apologies. Whew! 

I also have something else to apologize for. I'm just NEVER going to call this track "Way Too Cold". I know the title was changed BUT I'm forever going to call this track "TheraFlu" cause it just sounds hotter. Anyway, in my opinion, this SHOULD be the official video and should go into rotation on those music channel things. "Lil' Yeezy" kills it and that model has just enough of that "I really don't give a fuck about being in this video" vibe to sell it for me. Just my two cents.

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